About us

Your health is our mission!

“FlytoTreat, providing comprehensive healthcare & touristic services in different pioneer countries in medical tourism industry such as Tunisia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cyprus, Iran, India, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, others since 2021.

FlytoTreat Co. cooperates with more than 140 internationally certified hospitals & medical centers and more than 960 board-

certified medical doctors in worldwide countries.


The CEO and most of the board members of "FlytoTreat" are adept and expert physicians in various fields of medical science so evaluate the medical records of each patient carefully and recommend the best appropriate treatment for each person and guide health tourists in the right direction.

“FlytoTreat” company obtains medical facilitator licenses from qualified authorities, is proud to provide the best and highest quality of comprehensive cosmetic, medical, wellness and tourism packages at reasonable and affordable prices for medical tourists, standing by them in all stages and steps of receiving medical and residential services aimed to achieve maximum level of our clients satisfaction.

We Sign notarized and formal contracts with patients and health tourists in authorized offices, to clarify and strengthen the provision of desirable services. This service is critical in cases such as infertility treatment, organ transplantation, or cancer treatment. FlytoTreat team also provide the exact cost of medical or cosmetic service as well as touristic services price, in the form of defining a service package during the consultation and before starting the medical trip.

We are ready with open arms to provide desirable services to our dear patients and guests from all over the world to enjoy world-class medical services quality provided by highly skilled doctors.


We wish memorable and remarkable medical trips for all health tourism guests of the "FlytoTreat" Company from all over the world.

We believe that you are a member of our family so we closely observe & accompany you during your medical trip.