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Thanks to modern technology, a lot of ways exist to lose weight. Although going on a diet and doing exercise are the best and most effective ways to lose weight, some people are not able to do that because of a lot of reasons. There is another way for these people. They can do different types of surgeries. One of them is the gastric sleeve. It is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. That’s why it appeals to many people. The risks and complications are low, and the success rate is wonderful. The benefits of this surgery are feeling less hungry, losing up to 75% of excess weight, getting full sooner after eating, and her obesity-related health problems improved or treated. Some people are passionate about doing this surgery in other countries to save money since the cost of this surgery is very high in some countries. One of the target countries is Iran. Many patients from this region and the Middle East come for gastric sleeve in Iran. In this article, we are going to talk about gastric sleeves in Iran. There are many reasons people choose Iran for surgery, and we are bound to discuss these reasons.


Why choose Iran for gastric sleeve surgery?

Among all the countries in the world, you may wonder why should pick Iran as a destination for gastric sleeve surgery. So many countries make a lot of offers to attract as many patients as they can, and Iran is one of them. However, some differences should be taken into account by patients. First of all, traveling to Iran is easy, and you don’t need a lot of effort. So, you can fly to Iran with no difficulties. Second, many patients have gone this road before you and they have undergone this surgery in Iran. Their success rate is the best criterion for choosing Iran as a target country. Last, but not least, is the price. Needless to say, a vast majority of patients are seeking the lowest cost possible. Iran is considered the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery around the world. In comparison to some developed countries, the cost is half of them that is affordable for many patients who can’t do this surgery in their countries.


Best gastric sleeve surgeons

Iran has a huge number of world-known surgeons who are educated at top universities around the world. Thanks to doing so many surgeries in the year, they are experienced and qualified to do surgeries in the best and most effective way.


Affordable prices

something that impresses many patients is that among countries with high-quality medical services, Iran is the most affordable and cheapest one, there are some reasons behind it. The value of the local currency is low in comparison to other countries. So, the cost of living, traveling, the surgeon’s salary and other costs are low as well. For many people, traveling for gastric sleeve in Iran is affordable.


Modern hospitals and clinics

we are proud to say that we have the most advanced and modern hospitals and clinics in the world. The technology surgeons use is one of the best and comparable with those of developed countries. The difference is that you can take advantage of these technologies at a lower cost, which appeals to many patients.


No wait list

another essential point is that there is no waiting list in Iran and people from all around the world can come to Iran and do gastric sleeve in Iran at a time that is appealing to them. It’s one of the factors that most countries lack and are not able to satisfy the patients.


Safe country

Iran is one of the safest countries in the world. Although the Middle East is known as one of the problematic regions in the world, the story about Iran is completely different. It is known as the Safe Island of the Middle East. On top of that, Iran is one of the most interesting destinations for people because of the existence of so many tourist centers.


Weight loss without difficulty

one advantage of doing gastric sleeve in Iran is that patients experience up to 70% weight loss in a year. About 33% of excess weight is lost in the Third month and about half the extra weight is lost in the Sixth month. Most patients experience a steady state about 1 to 2 years after surgery. well-nourished patients who do exercise usually can maintain or lose more weight after this period. Gastric sleeve surgery can improve high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, heart attack, and at least 12 other conditions. The sleeve gastrectomy procedure takes one to two hours, and the surgeon hospitalizes the patient at least for 2-3 days after the surgery.


Shorter operation time

One of the advantages of gastric sleeves in Iran is that, unlike other countries that may take a lot of time to do surgery in Iran, this time is as low as possible. After recovery, there is no harm feeling for patients. Learn more: All about "gastric sleeve recovery time"

The risk and complications are low

One of the serious problems related to the surgery is risk and complications that make many people hesitate about doing this surgery. The risk of postoperative anemia and intra-abdominal hernia is reduced in this surgery in Iran. In most cases, the hair loss risk and the duration of hair growth and re-strengthening are less.

It is a cost-effective method

Compared to other surgical methods, in this method, the skin does not sag and loosen much during this operation. Gastric sleeve in Iran can help people to have longer lifespans. If you choose the best surgeon there is a chance to experience the best result.

The best result

Fortunately, excellent results await the patient, both in the short and long term. That is, a person enjoys several benefits of gastric sleeve in Iran.

Improving health

one of the critical problems related to obesity is that people face several health problems that can affect the quality of their lives. gastric sleeve in Iran can improve health and reduce the risk of weight-related diseases.

Reduce hunger

gastric sleeve can make you feel less hungry. In comparison with other types of surgery, it is the best one for controlling hunger and appetite. Doing this surgery in Iran can help patients to get rid of their insatiable appetite.

Absence of any external device

No external equipment remains in the body after gastric sleeve surgery. Then, there is no risk of complications from the external equipment in gastric sleeve in Iran.

Best gastric sleeve surgeons in Iran

One of the reasons why people are passionate about doing gastric sleeve in Iran is the best surgeons who are available in this country. The role surgeons play in surgery is undeniable, and it is fair that people would be happy to find experienced surgeons. In this part of the article, we would like to talk about the quality of Iranian surgeons.

Highly experienced: Surgeons for gastric sleeve in Iran are experienced enough to do all types of surgery. The type of surgery that is required for patients is chosen by surgeons and what patients desire.

Knowledgeable: Another important quality of surgeons is that they are up-to-date when it comes to any surgery. They are eager to find out about all the new processes in surgeries that do the best for patients and get the best results.

Ability to listen: An excellent surgeon should listen carefully to what patients want to know about the surgery. A surgeon should be aware of the patient's desires and fears. In this way can perform the best surgery. Fortunately, the surgery team in FlyToTreat is a good listener and listens to all the patient's wishes. This is something that makes a difference between them and other surgeons in the world and patients choose gastric sleeve in Iran.

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Gastric sleeve surgery costs in Iran

People from around the world are interested in finding the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery, and we are proud to announce that Iran is one of the cheapest countries for this surgery of high quality. That’s why many people from worldwide come to Iran for all types of surgeries. The cost of gastric sleeve in Iran surgery depends on several factors such as Anesthesia costs, the Surgeon’s salary for slimming operation, laboratory tests and radiological images cost, pre-and post-operative visits cost, hospital facilities, and equipment cost, including items and equipment used during the operation.

Other possible costs that may or may not be required after gastric sleeve surgery are a sports coach and consultant or post-operative nutritionist cost, Vitamin, and mineral supplements, and additional cosmetic surgeries cost (repair of loose muscles, removal of excess skin, lifts of various parts of the body such as breast lifts in women, or even labiaplasty) A routine gastric sleeve in Iran costs around 3,500$ on average; sleeve gastrectomy costs include the medical expenses of the operation, including surgery, medicine, hospital, and laboratory tests. Travel costs should be considered as well, like flight, translator, visa, accommodation, and other expenses. Gastric sleeve packages in Iran, including all medical and travel costs can be different. This cost is for high-quality service done in a modern hospital by an experienced surgeon.

It can be done with lower prices, but the quality may not be the one the patient wants. Gastric sleeve has become a common and popular bariatric surgery in Iran in the last decade.

Gastric Sleeve surgery package in Tehran

FlytoTreat offers comprehensive gastric sleeve surgery packages in Tehran, Iran.  These packages are designed to provide a stress-free experience,  including all the essentials for a successful surgery and recovery.

Here's a breakdown of what's typically included:

Pre-operative Care: Pre-surgical consultations and tests to ensure you're a suitable candidate for the surgery.

Surgical Procedure: The laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy itself, is performed by highly-qualified surgeons in a modern hospital facility.

Post-operative Care: Hospital stay, medications, and compression garments to facilitate healing.

Airport pick-up and hotel accommodation: Ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay in Tehran.

Ground transportation: Transportation between your hotel and the clinic for appointments and procedures.

Dietary guidance: Nutritional consultations to help you adjust your eating habits for optimal post-surgical results.


English-speaking support: Assistance with communication throughout your journey.


Who is the best candidate for gastric sleeve in Iran?

This is one of the most effective surgeries and is performed on patients of all ages, ranging from children to the elderly. Patients who tried to lose weight in other ways like doing exercise and going on a diet, and failed, can think about the gastric sleeve. It’s a kind of non-surgical approach that appeals to individuals who are afraid of surgery. An excellent gastric sleeve candidate is 18 to 65 years old and determined to lose weight. With a BMI (body mass index) above 40 or with a BMI above 35, and have obesity-related problems like diabetes, sleep disorders, etc. But keep in mind that these criteria are not enough. If you are determined to do this surgery in Iran, being overweight or obese is not enough. The patient must be screened by a qualified surgeon and be determined to commit to a healthier lifestyle and medical follow-up. After evaluating these criteria, the surgeon may advise a sleeve gastrectomy surgery for the patient. Click for more information:Who is the right candidate for gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve recovery and aftercare

Nobody can deny the importance of aftercare for surgery. One of the factors that can affect the result of the surgery is how patients are being taken care of. It’s one of the hospital's responsibilities to take care of patients after surgery. Today, gastric sleeve in Iran is laparoscopic instead of open surgery, which means the surgeon makes just some minor cuts in the belly, which makes the healing and recovery faster than older methods of abdominal surgery. The surgery takes about one or two hours. Patients have to rest for 2-3 days in the hospital. Patients should avoid smoking for at least one month after surgery. Surgeons and hospital staff will have medical checkups to monitor patients’ health frequently till the surgeon thinks everything is normal.

What about diet after gastric sleeve in Iran?

One of the advantages of doing gastric sleeves in Iran is that patients can take advantage of a nutritionist pieces advice. Diet plays an essential role after this surgery for the patient’s health and it is highly recommended to be supervised by the nutritionist. Patients should keep in mind that diet after sleeve gastrectomy is like this. For the First week drinking sugar-free, noncarbonated clear drinks is suggested since patients can’t digest food. For the Next three weeks, pureed foods and protein shakes are recommended. Another point is that after four weeks, regular foods can be used by patients. Multivitamins and calcium supplements once a day should be taken. Vitamin B-12 injection once a month is necessary. Some pieces of advice also should be considered by patients for the first month. pick solid foods slowly, Chew everything before swallowing, while eating, do not drink, Chew everything before swallowing, while eating, do not drink, Drink 30 minutes after finishing your food, do not consume high-calorie snacks and sodas, and take prescribed supplements every day. In the next three months, you can get back to normal slowly, but you will feel fuller sooner than before.


Why choose FlyToTreat for gastric sleeve surgery?

Tebmedtourism is one of the leading agencies in gastric sleeve in Iran which is famous. A huge number of patients from all around the world came to this agency for weight loss surgery and we’re proud that most of them are satisfied with the result of the surgery. Our services are not limited to the surgery itself, but also before and after surgery. We are with patients and support them whatever happens. Having the best surgery team is one of our incredible qualities. The surgery team can talk to patients and do surgery in a way that patients are more satisfied and happier. They are good listeners. Listen to patients' desires and try their best to achieve them. It is important to make patients happy after surgery. Although seeing the result of these kinds of surgeries takes a long, the lowest risk and complications after this surgery in FlyToTreat is something that makes sure surgeons are the best in their job.



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