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One of the questions that all the patients ask after surgery is, how long to drink alcohol after gastric sleeve? or, can they drink alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery?  It's essential for many people around the world. But answering this question is not as easy as it might seem. In this article, we are going to talk about drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery and both its benefits and drawbacks.

Why drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery is essential for some people?

Many people find drinking alcohol a kind of Culture. Having a beer or wine with friends when watching games or just being with each other is a lifestyle in many countries. Drinking alcohol plays a vital role in being together with families and friends, so, typically, many patients want to ask about how to drink alcohol after gastric sleeve. Most of them are worried about when they can return to their previous life and have fun like their friends.

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The process of absorption of alcohol

After drinking an alcoholic beverage, it goes into people's stomachs. After that, it goes to the small bowel. Then it has the chance to be absorbed into the bloodstream. A high percentage of alcohol absorbed in your stomach goes to the small bowel. So many factors can affect the speed of absorption of alcohol in the digestive system. When you drink alcohol with a full stomach, absorption is low. On the contrary, the story about empty stomachs is, to a great extent, different absorption is high in this case.

Studies showed that the percentage of alcohol concentration influences the absorption of alcohol. For example, suppose you drink alcohol with a 20 or 30 percent concentration rate on an empty stomach. In that case, alcohol absorption is more than when you drink a beer while your stomach is full. Studies have also shown that carbonated drinks like champagne are absorbed faster. But eating carbonated food along with drinking alcohol reduced absorption.

It is worth mentioning that the effects of alcohol can be different based on weight, medication, and gender. For instance, based on women's menstrual cycle phases effects of alcohol can be different among women.

Drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery

After the surgery, the surgeon and hospital staff work is done, and the patient must work hard to get the best results and average weight loss with gastric sleeve surgery. In this moment, the food you eat, the beverage you drink, and the exercise you do matter. In this part of the article, we will talk about the effects of alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery. It Might be shocking for you, but you should expect it.

How long after gastric sleeve surgery can you drink alcohol?

After gastric sleeve surgery, your body has changed to a great extent. There are some treacle rules that you should follow. For example, your diet, exercise, and drinks can change. The way your body can process food and beverages has changed. Drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve can be harmful to your stomach and your body. So, your surgeon will prohibit drinking alcohol for its devastating effect on your body. Alcohol also can interfere with the medication the patients take and the diet they have in order to lose weight. So, drinking alcohol for the first 12 months or one year is not acceptable. Some patients are eager to drink alcohol during this time, but your surgeon we'll explain that it's not good for your body. During one year, your body experiences a lot of physical change and rapid weight loss. So, it's your responsibility to protect your body against all the threats.

Drinking alcohol one month after gastric sleeve

As we mentioned before, it's not approved. However, the amount and the time of alcohol consumption differ from one person to another. It's time you should ask your surgeon about this problem. After one month after surgery, you are barely allowed to eat food. You are on a liquid diet because your stomach is not ready for solid food. You are not prepared to drink alcohol after gastric sleeve. To make sure, please ask your surgeon. If you are interested in Gastric Sleeve our surgeons in FlytoTreat can help you and show you the best way.

Drinking alcohol 3 weeks after gastric sleeve

When can I drink alcohol after surgery? can i drink alcohol 2,3 or four weeks after surgery? this question about drinking alcohol is very common between people had sleeve surgery. First of all, you should ask your surgeon about the time you can drink alcohol. At this time, drinking alcohol can harm your body, and you can be drunker after drinking less alcohol. So, it's not only trouble for your body but also your mind and behavior. Drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve can affect your body in different ways. It makes you at risk, even if you haven't drunk alcohol before surgery. People who don't drink alcohol can see high success in losing weight.

Even though they have not had the alterations to their intestines, patients who have had gastric sleeve surgery are still affected by alcohol due to their limited stomach capacity. The stomach enzymes that aid in breaking down alcohol have been significantly reduced.

There have been cases where gastric sleeve surgery patients have gotten drunk on only a few sips of alcohol. Not only does the patient feel the effects of alcohol faster, but it takes longer for the alcohol to get out of their system than before their gastric bypass surgery.

8 Factors you should keep in mind when drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgeries

Some factors should be considered if you are interested in drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve. In this part, we are going to talk about these factors. It is better to not drink alcohol for at least one year after gastric sleeve. Due to the complications of surgery and weight loss, your body is more sensitive to alcohol's intoxicating effects. Although it harms your body, some people are interested in drinking alcohol. In this case, have someone who you trust with you if you are going to drink alcohol. This person should be your family or your friend, and be aware that you had gastric sleeve surgery and the consumption of alcohol can affect your body and your stomach. This person should not drink alcohol to be aware when you are drunk, take you home, and protect you.

Don't indulge in drinking alcohol. If you are eager to drink alcohol after gastric sleeve, please have a plan for yourself, and based on that, try to drink. And don't forget to give enough time between drinks. Do not drink with an empty stomach. It's harmful to your body. If you have a plan to drink, please eat a meal before that and make sure that your stomach is full.

  1. Alcohol and nausea

Even after a while, it is expected to experience nausea and vomiting after drinking alcohol. If you feel nauseous after drinking alcohol, it's better to stop it and take some anti-nausea remedies. In this case, you can prevent vomiting. You can ingest ginger, get fresh air, take prescribed medication, or lie down to improve your health situation. If you experience this every time you drink alcohol, it's better to avoid it entirely and not use it again.

  1. Alcohol and vomiting

Vomiting after gastric sleeve surgery can be because of nausea or can be the complications of the surgery. Vomiting can't affect the result of your surgery, but remember that it can cause your stomach to inflame or swell. It's better to avoid any activities that can lead to vomiting. One of the side effects of drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery is the high chance of vomiting. It's better to avoid drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery for your health and the surgery results.

  1. Possible Risks and Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol after gastric sleeve

You are highly advised not to drink alcohol in the first year after surgery. Since the first year is the best time for losing weight, and the body is more susceptible to the intoxicating effects of alcohol.

It is worth mentioning that getting drunk after gastric sleeve surgery is more quickly. Due to the fact that the size of your stomach is reduced after surgery, you are more likely to get drunk by drinking less amount of alcohol. And this alcohol can be above the legal limit and can make a problem for you even if you can't notice it. On top of that, it takes twice as long, as usual to get back sober again. In other words, you get drunk sooner than you think, but you are not able to get rid of the effect of alcohol as quickly as possible.

  1. High calorie

Another problem related to alcohol is the calories. A glass of wine contains 100 to 150 calories. For example, a mixed stream light cocktail has reached 700 calories. As a result, the more alcohol you drink, the more calories you consume, which leads to weight gain again. Something that you did gastric sleeve surgery to get rid of it in the first place.

  1. No nutritional value

One of the effects of gastric sleeve surgery is that the Girling, the hormone of increasing appetite, is reduced. As a result, your appetite is reduced. So, you should eat less but from high nutritional value foods. Alcohol contains liquid carbohydrates and more energy than other types of carbohydrates. However, it doesn't include the nutrients the body needs. In addition, the energy from alcohol is addictive, and it's not good for your body. Another problem in that area is that drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve can interfere with the absorption of water-soluble vitamins such as folic acid, vitamins B12, B1, and B6. consumption of these vitamins decreases after gastric sleeve, the deficiency of these can be seen more.

  1. My stomach constantly feels empty

One of the advantages of gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss is that your stomach feels full with less food. Drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve can lead to emptying the stomach, and the patient feels the patient should eat more. So, the effects of the gastric sleeve are eliminated by drinking alcohol.

  1. Stretching the stomach

One of the problems that patients face after gastric sleeve is stretching and enlarging the stomach. In this case, another surgery is necessary for patients to get back to weight loss. Drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve can speed up this process and widen the stomach. That's why it is highly recommended that you do not drink alcohol.

  1. Liver disease

Weight loss can lead to a decrease in fatty liver disease. But drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery can progressive alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Alchohol consumption risks and after gastric sleeve surgery


Are patients allowed to drink alcohol after a gastric sleeve?

Fortunately, there is no hard and fast role for drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve. If patients drink alcohol moderately, it can be safe for them. It is highly recommended to ask your surgeon how much alcohol you can drink and the role you should follow after gastric sleeve surgery. On the whole, after the initial healing period, patients are allowed to drink alcohol in moderation and responsibly way. Keep in mind that alcohol usage can be different from one person to another.

Are patients after gastric sleeve surgery at a higher risk for alcohol use disorder?

Based on some studies, patients before gastric sleeve surgery usually suffer from addiction to food. Eat a lot of food, that's why they gain weight. Although gastric sleeve surgery can help them improve their health status and lose weight; it doesn't mean it helps addiction. So, the addiction exists and transfers to other substances. One of these substances is alcohol. So, based on these studies, some patients after gastric sleeve surgery can be at risk of addiction to alcohol. What is the reality? The story is, to a great extent, different. A small minority of patients experience alcohol use disorder after gastric sleeve. The vast majority of patients don't have problems and don’t alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery. So, this theory can't be true, and it's not realistic.

What kind of alcohol is best to drink after gastric sleeve?

To answer this question, we should say that it's better not to drink any kind of alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery. But for patients who are passionate about drinking alcohol, some types are less harmful. Acidic carbonated drinks like champagne should permanently be avoided since they can be detrimental. You can start with wine three months after gastric sleeve surgery because the amount of alcohol in the wine is less than in other types of alcoholic drinks. Drinks like tequila, brandy, whisky, and different types with higher alcohol content should be avoided for the first six months—after that, drinking alcohol moderately can be ok. Avoiding drinking alcohol as much as possible is better for you.

There is a link between obesity and drinking alcohol

According to studies, there is a positive correlation between obesity and drinking more alcohol. In other words, the more amount of alcohol you consume, the more weight gain you experience. Based on studies, frequent consumption does not correlate with weight gain. So, keep in mind that drinking less alcohol after gastric sleeve in order to weight loss and have better health status.

What can Flytotreat do for you?

If you are interested in doing gastric sleeve surgery in our agency, we are here to help you during the process. We are trying to be with you and support you before surgery and after that. Drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery is one of our patients' most asked questions, and we are here to answer you. Our surgeons are here to answer any questions and help you go through this process with the best result and fewer side effects and complications. You can have this surgery all around the world with FlytoTreat. Please don't hesitate to be in touch with us and be sure about the surgery you are going to do.


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