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The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is so affordable that it is a major draw for many international patients considering weight loss procedures. FlyToTreat offers comprehensive information to help you understand the financial aspects and overall experience of undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. This article will answer common questions such as "How much does the Turkey sleeve cost?", "Is weight loss surgery in Turkey safe?" and "Is Turkey good for gastric sleeve?" to guide you through making an informed and important decision.


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How much is a gastric sleeve in Turkey?

Are you thinking about getting a gastric sleeve procedure in Turkey? The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey can be significantly lower compared to other countries. The price range is a general estimate for the surgery itself in Turkey. It is around $2,750- $3,200. 

It's important to remember that this might be a partial cost. VSG surgery Turkey can sometimes involve additional expenses depending on the clinic, gastric sleeve surgery Istanbul location (like a more touristy area), and any post-surgery care you might need. 

Research the clinic and surgeon thoroughly before deciding. Seeking the cheapest option might not always be the best long-term option.

BMI plays a crucial role in determining costs. In some clinics, cost of gastric sleeve surgery in turkey is calculated based on BMI. For example:

A BMI of 30-50 costs $2750

A BMI of 50-60 costs $2950

A BMI over 60 costs $3200

Who is good Candidate for gastric sleeve surgery?

Why is gastric sleeve so cheap in Turkey?

Turkey gastric sleeve cost can be a much more attractive option than other places. Here's why:

Competition Drives Down Prices: Turkey has a booming medical tourism industry, with lots of clinics offering VSG surgery in Turkey. This competition can lead to loweroverall prices for medical procedures like  gastric sleeve surgery cost.   .

Package Deals Available: Many clinics offer all-inclusive packages that include surgery, hospital stays, medications, and sometimes even travel and accommodation. This can make budgeting easier.

While the surgery itself might be cheaper, there can be extra costs—factor in things like flights, post-surgery medications, and consultations before you commit. The best place in Turkey for a gastric sleeve isn't just about price—research the clinic and surgeon carefully for a safe and successful experience.


Gastric sleeve turkey death rate

Are you considering gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey? It's natural to wonder about success rates and potential risks.  Here's a quick rundown:

Success Rates: Gastric sleeve surgery, wherever performed, boasts generally high success rates for weight loss. Studies show a significant reduction in body weight and improvement in weight-related health issues.

Safety Concerns in Turkey: Some reports raise concerns about gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul or elsewhere in Turkey, highlighting potential risks due to clinic quality and surgeon experience. However, success and safety ultimately depend largely on choosing a reputable clinic with qualified surgeons.

 For a smoother journey, prioritize price over quality. Research thoroughly and prioritize accredited facilities with experienced surgeons.


Best doctor for gastric sleeve in turkey

Are you wondering about gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey? Choosing the best doctor for gastric sleeve surgery turkey is crucial. Here's why:

Experience Matters: Look for surgeons with a proven track record and extensive experience performing gastric sleeve surgery.

Research and Reviews: Go with something other than the first name you find. Research surgeons online, checking their qualifications, certifications, and patient reviews. Our consultants at FlyToTreat are awaiting your call to advise you on the best gastric sleeve. 

Seek Accreditation: Verify if reputable organizations accredit the clinic and surgeon. This ensures they meet high standards of care.

Price shouldn't be the only factor. Choose a surgeon who prioritizes your safety and well-being and has a strong track record of successful VSG surgery Turkey procedures.



Gastric sleeve turkey all-inclusive

When considering gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, many clinics offer gastric sleeve turkey all-inclusive packages that can take the stress out of planning your medical journey. Here's what they might typically include:

The Surgery: Of course, the surgery itself is covered.

Hospital Stay: During your recovery, you'll be looked after in a comfortable hospital room.

Pre and Post-Op Care: Pre-operative consultations, anaesthesia, and medications are often included.

Support Services: Some clinics offer translation services, dietary consultations, and airport transfers.

Packages vary between clinics. Be sure to check exactly what's included in the gastric sleeve in turkey price. Our consultants at FlyToTreat can effectively guide you through this process. It might not cover flights or post-surgery follow-up care. While all-inclusive packages offer convenience, they prioritize quality over price. 


Gastric sleeve turkey Istanbul

Considering a gastric sleeve turkey Istanbul? Gastric sleeve surgery involves removing a significant portion of the stomach, aiding weight loss by reducing food intake. Istanbul is renowned for its advanced medical facilities and experienced surgeons, making it a top destination for gastric sleeve surgery. Many choose Turkey for this procedure due to its affordable costs without compromising quality.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Istanbul:

High-Quality Care: Clinics in Istanbul, such as the Istanbul Bariatric Center and Medical Park International, offer state-of-the-art facilities and experienced medical staff.

Cost-Effective: The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is significantly lower than in many Western countries. For instance, the price of gastric sleeve in Turkey can be a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

Comprehensive Packages: Many clinics provide all-inclusive packages covering accommodation, transfers, and follow-up care.

Gastric sleeve Istanbul price

Are you curious about the gastric sleeve Istanbul price? It can be significantly lower than in many other places. Istanbul's gastric sleeve cost generally ranges from €2,850 to €3,500 (around $2,400 - $3,200) for the surgery. But remember, this might not include everything. BMI plays a crucial role. In some clinics, the gastric sleeve surgery Istanbul costs are calculated depending on BMI. A BMI of 30-50 would cost $2750, a 50-60 BMI would cost $2950, and a +60 BMI would cost $3200.


Is Turkey good for gastric sleeve?

Turkey is emerging as a popular destination for sleeve gastrectomy procedures, and for good reason. Here's a look at what sets VSG surgery turkey apart:

Cost-Effective: Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey can be significantly more affordable than in other countries, considering Turkey's gastric sleeve cost. This makes it a realistic option for many seeking a sustainable weight loss solution.

Modern equipment: Many Turkish clinics boast cutting-edge technology and experienced surgeons, offering advanced laparoscopic techniques for VSG surgery in Turkey.

Experienced Professionals: You'll find qualified surgeons with a strong track record of successful gastric sleeve procedures.

Success hinges on choosing a reputable clinic. Do your research, prioritize surgeon qualifications, and ensure recognized organizations accredit the clinic. With careful planning, gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey can be a life-changing experience.


Is weight loss surgery in Turkey safe?

Weight loss surgery in Turkey can be safe, but careful research is vital. While some clinics offer high-quality care, others may prioritize cost-cutting measures that could impact safety. Focus on reputable facilities with experienced surgeons and accredited organizations like  FlyToTreat for a smooth and successful experience.


What is the BMI for gastric sleeve in Turkey?

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on VSG surgery turkey is the BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI plays a crucial part. Generally, BMI requirements for gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey align with international guidelines. The main factor is your overall health. While a BMI of 35 or above is often considered, some clinics in Turkey might also accept patients with a BMI as low as 30 if they have weight-related health problems like diabetes or sleep apnea.

BMI is just a starting point. Based on your health profile, a consultation with a qualified bariatric surgeon in Turkey will determine your eligibility.



In conclusion, Turkey presents a compelling option for those seeking VSG surgery turkey, combining affordability with high-quality care. By choosing a reputable clinic and experienced surgeon, you can ensure a safe and successful weight loss journey. FlyToTreat is here to support you every step of getting ready for sleeve surgery, providing the necessary information and assistance to make your experience in Turkey smooth and effective. we provide other many options like  sleeve surgery in iran and gastric sleeve surgery in india , for more information please be in touch with our consultants on whatsapp.


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