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Understanding the gastric sleeve surgery cost can be a crucial factor for many considering this life-altering procedure. FlyToTreat is here to guide you through the various financial aspects of gastric sleeve surgery, including what you might expect to pay with or without insurance. This article aims to address common queries such as "Does a lower price mean the surgeon is less skilled?" and "Is gastric sleeve surgery worth the price?", providing you with the information necessary to make informed decisions.

How much is the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery prices can vary significantly depending on the country you're in. For instance, in the United States, the cost of this procedure can range from $16,000 to $26,000. Meanwhile, in some Asian countries, the cost can be between $3500 and $9000. The quality of hospital facilities can impact the cost of surgery. In the past, gastric sleeve surgery was primarily conducted in hospitals. Still, nowadays, many clinics and other facilities offer this procedure. Also, this can affect the cost of the surgery.

Which factors affect gastric sleeve surgery costs?

Ever wondered what impacts the price of gastric sleeve surgery? While the dream of a slimmer you is priceless, the cost can vary depending on several factors. Here are some key ones to consider: Facility setting, Having health insurance or not, Location, Prescriptions, Additional checkups, Complexity and associated risks, etc. These are just a few things to remember when considering gastric sleeve surgery. We'll delve deeper into these factors and explore additional considerations, like the surgeon's experience and pre-operative tests, to help you navigate the cost landscape and make informed decisions.


Facilities setting

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery may vary depending on where you choose to have it. The surgery in a hospital may have a different cost than in a clinic or a foreign country. Factors such as the use of advanced technologies and the skill level of the hospital's staff may also affect the price.

Having health insurance 

Insurance coverage is an essential factor to consider when calculating the cost of a gastric sleeve procedure. Some insurance companies may cover the cost of the surgery, while others may not. Researching and confirming your insurance provider's coverage before the procedure is crucial to avoid unexpected expenses. Ensure you understand what your insurance provider covers and their responsibilities towards you.


Location can be a crucial factor that affects the cost of gastric sleeve surgery. The cost of this surgery can vary across different states or countries, even in developed nations. In some Asian countries like Iran, gastric sleeve surgery is relatively inexpensive due to several reasons. However, despite the lower cost, the quality of the surgery is still high, making it a viable option for patients seeking affordable yet high-quality medical treatment.


 After undergoing surgery, patients are often prescribed medications such as painkillers or antibiotics. The cost of these medicines may vary. Before choosing a surgeon or a country to undergo the surgery, ensure that your insurance plan includes pharmaceutical coverage. This will help you avoid unexpected expenses for the prescribed medications.

Additional checkups

Every patient needs multiple checkups with their doctor before and after surgery to discuss all aspects of the procedure. If any issues, risks, or complications arise, patients should visit their doctors to discuss them. These visits usually come at a cost.

If you are considering gastric sleeve surgery, remember that the cost of follow-up visits with your doctor should be factored into the overall cost of the procedure. You must attend multiple appointments with your doctor during the recovery period after the surgery, and you should continue to participate in appointments for up to six months after the surgery.

Complexity and associated risks

 Another factor that should be taken into account for gastric sleeve surgery price is the risk and complexity associated with gastric sleeve surgery. The patient might have obesity-related or other chronic diseases that can affect the result of surgeries.

As a result, the surgery cost can be higher for patients who face complexity. These patients need to stay at the hospital more than others, and the medicine prescribed for them is more, and some treatments can increase for them.

Anesthesia fee

 The cost of anesthesia can be different. The type of anesthesia used in gastric sleeve surgery can vary depending on the patient's medical history, the surgeon's preference, and the specific circumstances of the surgery. The surgeon is responsible for choosing what kind of anesthesia is possible for the patient. 

Surgeon's skill

The surgeon's skill and expertise can influence the stomach sleeve price. Surgeons who are highly qualified, experienced, and capable of performing this surgery regularly may charge more. Additionally, the surgeon's location may also impact the cost of the procedure. For instance, surgeons working in advanced hospitals in the United States may have a higher cost of living and thus charge more for their services. On the other hand, surgeons practicing in Turkey, for example, may charge less for the same procedure.


Gastric sleeve under $10,000

Here is a table showing the cost of a gastric sleeve under $10,000 worldwide (except for UAE and USA). 


Gastric sleeve under $10,000


 As you can see in the table, the gastric sleeve cost in the USA is more than in every country, and Turkey is the cheapest country for gastric sleeve surgery. There is a question of why the gastric sleeve cost is very high in the USA and lowest in Iran. In this part of the article, we will answer this question. Because the currency value of Iran has been decreasing in recent years, the cost of medical procedures, including gastric sleeve surgery reduced. But it doesn’t mean that the quality of medical procedures is affected. It is worth mentioning that while the cost is low, the quality is comparable with American and European countries.

On top of that, people who want to travel to Iran for this surgery need to pay less than other countries for food, accommodation traveling, flight, and other factors. In addition, decision, the surgeon's fee is lower in Iran, so it can't be compared to surgeons, especially in the United States. The cost of living in the USA is more than in Iran, so the cost of every procedure can be higher.


Is the Lowest cost gastric sleeve surgery in the USA?

 The cost of sleeve gastrectomy in the USA can be different from one state to another. While the average cost is around 16000$ due to many factors, like it's a big country and salary, taxes, expenses, and other factors are different all around the country, gastric sleeve cost differs from New York to Oklahoma. For example, in Florida price range is from 9000 to 15000, while the cost in Boston can be 26000$.

 Cheapest gastric sleeve surgery USA

 Oklahoma is the cheapest gastric slave surgery in the USA, with 9000$ for patients. Of course, discussed can differ from one patient to another since some factors can decrease or increase the cost of gastric slave surgery in Oklahoma.


 Gastric sleeve surgery cost in Iran

 Iran is one of the countries in gastric sleeve surgery with high quality and low price. Gastric sleeve surgery cost in Iran is around 3800 to 4000$. If you are interested in undergoing gastric sleeve in Iran, you should consider the cost of many factors.

 Fortunately, all the facilities and modern technologies are here in Iran. Our surgery team can help you have the best surgery with the best results and the lowest risks and complications. You can get free medical advice. If you have any questions regarding doing a gastric sleeve in Iran, please don't hesitate and ask us. We are here to help you to find the best way and do the surgery to be fit and healthy.


Gastric sleeve surgery prices in India

India offers gastric sleeve surgery at a significantly lower cost than many other countries. Prices typically range from US$6500 to US$7500, but this varies depending on the hospital and surgeon's expertise.


Gastric sleeve surgery price in Turkey

Turkey has become a popular destination for gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) due to its competitive pricing. Gastric sleeve surgery price in Turkey(Istanbul) typically falls between US$2400 to 3200. This affordability makes it an attractive option, but remember to prioritize qualifications – consult accredited medical tourism agencies like Fly To Treat to ensure high-quality care and a safe procedure.


Gastric sleeve surgery price in Dubai

UAE is a modern country where medical treatment and accommodation can be expensive. The average cost of a gastric sleeve procedure ranges from US$12,111 to US$14,802.


 What are the insurance conditions for gastric sleeve surgery?

 People with insurance coverage and their insurance provider cover the gastric sleeve cost should pay for some aspects of the surgery, not all. For example, the insurance company can pay the price of visits, medicines, nutritionists, and hospital stays. But some other factors should be done by patients, like everything you need during the recovery.

 Gastric sleeve cost without insurance

 People who don't have insurance coverage should pay all the costs of gastric sleeve surgery. For patients who live in countries where the cost of living highlights the United States and the UK, it is better to consider gastric sleeve abroad since so many countries worldwide offer gastric sleeve surgery at a lower price and high quality. On top of that, there is no waiting list for them. Undergoing gastric has to leave surgery without insurance in the USA can be a prohibitive and extravagant cost.


Cheapest Gastric Sleeve In The World

Considering undergoing gastric sleeve surgery but worried about the cost? You're not alone. Gastric sleeve surgery prices can vary greatly depending on location and surgeon experience. While the procedure can be expensive in many developed countries, there are several more affordable options available around the world.

 Here are some destinations known for offering cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in the world: 




The Dominican Republic

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)


 It's important to remember that cost shouldn't be the only deciding factor. When considering surgery abroad, factors like surgeon qualifications, hospital accreditation, and aftercare services should also be weighed.


 Is gastric sleeve worth the money?

 Because the result of gastric sleeve surgery can increase the quality of life and life expectancy for many patients, because of many benefit sleeve surgery have it is worth the money you pay for.

As you know, several patients are suffering from obesity related diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and many other diseases that can cause death. So, doing this surgery is a new hope for them to lead a happy and active life. It is a life-changing surgery, and the result of it can satisfy every patient no matter how much money it costs.

If you are interested in undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, Iran would be the best destination. Our colleagues in Flytotreat are ready to help you and give you pieces of advice about this surgery and the necessary information you should have before doing this surgery. You can contact us any time you want.



To sum up, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery can vary significantly based on location, surgeon expertise, and facility quality. FlyToTreat supports patients in navigating these variables, ensuring that you understand all costs involved, from pre-operative tests to post-surgery follow-up. Remember, while the initial price tag is important, the value of the surgery should also consider the quality of life improvements and long-term health benefits it offers. Deciding on surgery is not just about finding the lowest cost but ensuring you receive quality care that justifies the investment in your health.


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