Start your journey to better health with sleeve surgery in India, where you can access top-quality medical care. Many people ask, "How much does sleeve surgery cost in India?" Our partner clinics offer competitive and transparent pricing, making it easier to plan your treatment. Experience low-cost sleeve gastrectomy in India without compromising on quality. The sleeve gastrectomy price in India is designed to be affordable for everyone. Specifically, the gastric sleeve surgery cost in Delhi, India, provides excellent value, combining advanced medical techniques with experienced professionals. Opt for laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India for a minimally invasive approach with quicker recovery times. Trust FlyToTreat to connect you with the best options for your health journey.

Medical Package

  • Surgery and anesthesia
  • Fees of the surgeon and the anesthesiologist
  • Hospitalization at the clinic in a single room and hospital
  • Use of the operating theatre
  • Pre and postoperative consultations
  • Medications and post-operative care
  • Personalized follow-up by our team

Non-medical Package

  • Airport pick up and drop off (on demand)
  • Translator and companionship (on demand)
  • Accommodation (on demand)
  • Clinic to hotel transfer (on demand)
  • Air ticket (on demand)
  • Visa (if required)


*Your package will be customized based on your needs